5 - 6 Goose Green,
Altrincham. WA14 1DW
t: 0161 928 4511

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Leah's Profile

Leah is an exciting member of our up and coming apprentice team at our Altrincham branch. Leah is currently participating in theoretical studies and internally assessed practical assignments with Evolve Training Academy whom will aid her progression towards obtaining her Level 2 NVQ qualification.

Leah's enthusiastic demeanor motivates her to operate a busy Wednesday model day column, alongside her studies, offering colouring and styling services to help assist in developing her skills, gaining valuable experience and enhancing her portfolio- her returning clientele indicates Leah's rapid progression and practical development.

Leah's admirable work ethic is evident when completing tasks required in her day to day role- she is a vital member of the Altrincham branch, constantly achieving above and beyond her expectancy and aiding in the efficient day to day operations within the salon.

We at House of Finesse are extremely excited regarding the exceptional young talent we have developing internally and are positive Leah has a prosperous future ahead.

To book an appointment with Leah contact the salon on 0161 928 4511

Tuesday 10.30 - 8.00pm
Wednesday 9.30 - 6.00pm
Thursday 9.30 - 6.00pm
Friday 9.30 - 6.00pm
Saturday 9.00 - 5.00pm
Email: info@houseoffinesse.co.uk

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Apprentice: Price
Styling Services:-  
Cut & Blow Dry from £20.00
Blow dry (Pin Curl additional £5.00) £15.00
Blow dry extensions (Pin Curl additional £5.00) £20.00
Restyle n/a
Heated equipment £10.00
Gents n/a
Children - 0 to 6 years old £5.00
Children - 7 to 12 years old £10.00
Teenagers - 13 to 16 years old £20.00
Colour Services:-  
Full head highlights on consultation
Half head highlights on consultation
T-Section highlights on consultation
Full head tint and highlights on consultation
Root tint £20.00
Hair line tint £10.00
Full head tint £35.00
Balayage n/a
Bleach root tint on consultation
Bleach bath n/a
Root blend £25.00
Toner (with service) £15.00
Toner (stand alone) £20.00
Wella Mask £5.00
Opalex Shot £5.00
Opalex Stand Alone £20.00
Joico K-PAK £20.00