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Urmston. M41 9BP
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Ellie's Profile

Ellie has always had a passion for hair as her mum and nana were both hairdressers and always been surrounded by it. She started working / helping her mum at a very early age and was always very intrigued and learnt how to do basic colours and blow drys before she had even started college. She has worked in 3 different salons in the past and specialises in colours and Balayage’s and has her dreams come true finding her new home at House of Finesse.

Ellie has already completed both her Level 2 & 3 NVQ. Ellie is always keen to learn and develop herself & as such a young ages has a great love, passion and determination to be the best in what she does. She has completed her level 2 in barbering and has also done numerous Wella colour courses over the past 4 years to enhance her skill set. Ellie was another stylist we had our eyes on when we were planning to open Urmston house of finesse team and we were delighted she joined the team. Ellie

Ellie is a very exciting, young, talented & passionate stylist and is already making a name for herself at HOF. Ellie loves anything to do with colour and has great vision when having consultations with clients. Ellie work commitment and her drive into being the best at what she does will only further develop her and has such a big future ahead of her at HOF.

Book an appointment with Ellie today on 0161 425 6100

House of Finesse opening hours for Ellie are:

Monday: 9.30am- 6.00pm
Tuesday : 10.30am - 8.00pm
Thursday : 9.30am -6.00pm
Friday : 9.30am -6.00pm
Saturday : 9.00am - 5.00pm

Email: info@houseoffinesse.co.uk

Follow us : houseof_finesse

Ellie Rickards: Price
Styling Services:-  
Cut & Blow £37.00
Blow dry £25.00
Blow dry extension £30.00
Restyle from£45.00
Heated equipment from £15.00
Gents n/a
Children - 0 to 6 years old from £10.00
Children - 7 to 16 years old from £16.00
Full head highlights £80.00
Half head highlights £65.00
T-Section highlights £48.00
Full head tint and highlights £65.00
Colour / Technical Services :-  
Root tint £40.00
Hair line tint £20.00
Full head tint £45.00
Ombré from£65.00
Balayage from £100.00
Additional Services :-  
Extension removal from £10.00
Root bleach from£25.00
Toners from£10.00
Pin curls & rollers from £10.00